NECUSA Code of Ethics

As a professional college/university police/security officer, I understand that the setting for my
duties and authority, the academic community, is unique. Although my duty to protect life and
property, enforce regulations and prevent crime is similar to that of the municipal police officer,
my responsibility as a college/university police/security officer gives me a role in the college/
university administration. My obligation, therefore, includes the serving and preserving of an
environment conductive to learning and personal growth.

As a college/university police/security officer, I am a friend to students and an associate of all
faculty and staff.
I view my service role as seriously as enforcement; all assigned tasks are important. For visitors
to the campus I have an important public relations as well as a safety role.

While acknowledging the responsibility of other college/university departments to do their jobs,
I am aware that ultimate responsibility for protecting life and property rests with me. I will
extend maximum effort in meeting that responsibility, balancing firm action with compassionate
understanding and tolerance. When subjected to insult or confrontation with aggressive
individuals, I will show restraint. I will rely on the authority and trust vested in me to act
independently and decisively. By demonstrating reliability and maintaining high visibility, I will
thus win community confidence.

As an officer, whether new on the job or veteran, I will learn from the academic community and,
through example and enforcement, become a teacher to those around me.

Prepared by:
Joseph J. DiLiberto, Director of Security
Rider College — Lawrenceville, New Jersey
Adopted by the New Jersey College and University Public Safety Association — June 1981
Adopted by the Northeast Colleges and Universities Security Association, Inc., on the 15th day of June,
A.D. 1983, during its 30th Annual Conference at Rutgers University, New Brunswick, New Jersey.