NECUSA presents awards each year to recognize the outstanding performance, achievements, and/or service of college and university personnel in our member institutions.  There are 5 such awards and one scholarship which are described below.

Alan Reynolds Self-Reliance Scholarship Award

This award is intended to provide financial assistance for educational expenses, other than tuition, to students who are children, stepchildren or grandchildren of NECUSA members. Recipients of aid from this award are eligible to reapply for assistance in successive years, but applicants must complete a new application annually.

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Lawrence W. Joy and Michael A. Callahan Award for Outstanding Service

The nominee must be a member or associate member of NECUSA who has, over a period of time, contributed to the enhancement of the association in an unselfish and dedicated manner.



Robert Bunker Award for Outstanding Performance

Awarded to an individual nominated by a member of NECUSA who is employed by a member institution’s security or police department who performed an act which exhibited a risk to life or safety in the course of his or her duties or who performed a life-saving action requiring the highest of professional conduct. Nominations are for acts, which occurred between May 1 of the preceding year and April 3 0 of the award (current) year.


Lucky Talbot and Hugh Harris Meritorious Service Award

Awarded to a member or associate member of NECUSA in recognition of dedicated, unselfish and faithful service to the Association.


Judy Jackson Professional Achievement Award

Awarded to the person or persons or department, nominated by an institutional member, who or which has developed and implemented a concept, procedure or practice in the field of campus safety or security from which the campus community or institution will benefit and which other campuses may be encouraged to adopt. Nominations may include innovations in management, cost savings, crime prevention, accident prevention or related areas. Self-nominations are encouraged for this award. Nominations are for achievements, which occurred between May 1 of the preceding year and April 30th of the award (current) year.


Award for Exemplary Performance

Awarded to a person or person, nominated by an institutional member, who exhibits exemplary performance and professionalism in an incident or series of incidents over an extended period of time; and who has provided an outstanding contribution to the safety and security of his/her cam pus community.

To nominate someone for an award, submit a letter outlining the reason for the nomination to the awards chair Dave Boyer [email protected] or submit the nomination online by following the link below.

Online Application Form



Alertus Grant Program

NECUSA has partnered to bring you the Alertus Grants Program was created to help reduce barriers for organizations that want to establish or enhance their emergency preparedness strategies. Priority will be given to high risk and high need organizations.

Check out the ALERTUS Grant Program for more information.