Self-Reliance Award


This award is intended to provide financial assistance for educational expenses, other than tuition, to students who are children, stepchildren or grandchildren of NECUSA members. Recipients of aid from this award are eligible to reapply for assistance in successive years, but applicants must complete a new application annually.  Preference will be given to first-time and non-consecutive applicants.


  1. Complete all sections of the application below.
  2. Complete the essay and sign and date at the end.
  3. Obtain NECUSA member sponsor signature.

The NECUSA Alan Reynolds Self-Reliance Award Committee, at its discretion, may award up to four awards, however fewer awards may be given dependent on the pool of applications. Recipients are rank ordered by points with awards going to those with the highest total point scores.

Award recipients will be evaluated on the following criteria:

  1. Work experience (10 points)
  2. School, Community and Volunteer activities (30 points)
  3. GPA/Class Rank (20 points)
  4. Essay (40 points)

Total possible points is 100

The Committee will have sole responsibility for the selection of recipients and the decision will be final. The provided information will be used only to evaluate this application and will be held in strictest confidence.
Recipients will be notified by mail and will be recognized at the NECUSA annual conference banquet and awards ceremony. Amount of award is $500.00.


Application must be submitted and postmarked on or before June 1st of the year funding is anticipated. If you have any questions please contact: William Mchale at email address of:   ([email protected])

  1. Applicant shall be a child, stepchild or grandchild of an institutional, associate or life member, in good standing, of the Northeast Colleges & Universities Security Association.
  2. Applicant must be endorsed by the institutional member representative or Life Member of NECUSA.
  3. Institutional member endorsement indicates that the applicant’s parent, step parent or grandparent is a member in good standing.
  4. Life Member endorsement indicates that the applicant is the child, step child or grandchild of the Life Member.
  5. Applicant must be accepted as a full-time undergraduate student or currently enrolled as a full-time undergraduate student at an accredited degree granting college or university.
  6. Applicant must complete this application form in its entirety and return the original copy or scanned copy to the NECUSA committee chairperson postmarked by the deadline date.