Membership Levels

Institution Members

One representative of the member institution who must be an administrator, director or executive in direct and responsible charge of the operation, maintenance, planning and development of the security, police and/or traffic department.  Additional membership is available to any direct report of the institutional representative, provided such member nominee is certified by the institutional representative as serving in the capacity of law enforcement or security /safety programs (examples include: department command staff, line officers, training officers, parking enforcement personnel, etc). Each member institution must have at least one primary Institutional member; any others who join from the institution who are not direct reports of the Institutional Member Representative would be Associate members.
$200.00 Annually

Associate Members

Associate membership may be made available to any employee of a member institution provided such member nominee is certified by the institutional member as serving in the capacity of law enforcement or security/safety programs.  Examples of Associate Membership include: Title IX Coordinators, Clery Compliance Officers Criminal Justice professors, contract security personnel, etc.
$50.00 Annually

Sustaining Members | Vendor

Any individual or commercial firm may be invited, because of business or community interest, to become a member of the Association as a Sustaining Member.  Membership includes the commercial firm’s name, web-link, contact person and e-mail being listed on the NECUSA website.
$135.00 Annually

Affiliate Members

Affiliate membership is open to law enforcement and/or security personnel who have a special interest in the success of NECUSA. Affiliate members may or may not be employed by the Institutional member’s college/university. Affiliate membership will also be made available to NECUSA members resigning from college and university security fields to pursue other interests but who would like to stay in touch with NECUSA.
$50.00 Annually

Life Members

Members in good standing who have worked diligently for the success of the Association and who are retiring or who have retired from the position which qualified them for membership may be recommended for Life Membership. Candidates must be approved by the Membership Committee and Board. Life Members will not be required to pay dues and shall have voting rights within the Association. Their affiliation with the Association will be properly identified in all printed membership rosters and records of the Association.
Free by Approval

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